Becoming a Member

  1. Applications for membership of the Club are welcomed by the Committee. Membership application forms and details of entry fees and subscriptions are available from the Secretary (Mrs Ann Ashton, Applicants are required to be proposed and seconded by Members of the Club of at least two years standing. No two members of the same family may act as Proposer and Seconder. The form enables the potential member to provide information to the Committee about their sailing experience and their reasons for wishing to join the Club.
    Proposers and Seconders may wish to provide further information by separate letter to the Secretary or by speaking directly to Flag officers.
    Successful applicants under the age of 18 are admitted as Cadet Members.
  2. Successful applicants become members of one of the senior yacht clubs in Scotland. As Members of a "Royal" club, which has permission for Members' yachts to wear the Blue Ensign under an Admiralty Warrant, it is imperative that we maintain the highest standards of conduct and seamanship in keeping with the history and traditions of this unique club. We also look to new Members to make a commitment to participate actively in Club affairs and support Club events ashore and afloat.
  3. Broadly speaking, the candidate or yacht should be based on the West Coast of Scotland or should sail there on a reasonably regular basis. If an application is appropriate, potential members should declare an intention to join in Club musters, cruising, or out-of-season events. Non yacht owners, spouses and close relatives of established members can be proposed, and here again intention to support Club events is a prime consideration of the Committee.
  4. Proposers and Seconders are reminded that a prospective member should attend a Club event prior to the application being considered and that it is incumbent on them to ensure that the New Members are thereafter introduced to other members and made welcome to the Club.
  5. Election to Membership is in the hands of the Committee. The Committee has absolute discretion in accepting or declining an application and need not provide reasons for so-doing.