About the Royal Highland Yacht Club

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The Royal Highland Yacht Club is delighted to welcome new members who sail on the West Coast of Scotland. The RHYC is a cruising club and we do not arrange racing events although we are well represented on the committee that organises the West Highland Yachting Week in July/August each year. We have around 640 members of which about half are fairly active in the Club.


We issue three Newsletters each year, an annual Journal, and list of members.
There is a joining fee of £50 and our annual membership fee is currently £30. We also offer family membership; so that a family (consisting of two adults and any young persons between 10 and 18 years of age) living at the same address can join by paying only one joining fee. The annual membership is £30 for each adult (over 18) and £5 for each cadet member (from 10 to 18).
The Club does not have a Club House but instead holds most shore-based events in Oban; although in the last few years we have also arranged a winter event. These have included visits to Scotland’s Museum of Transport in Glasgow and to Dundee to tour three historic ships moored there. More recent trips included Stockholm to visit the Vasa museum, and Liverpool to visit various sites of nautical interest.
The Club would like prospective members to attend one of our events prior to the application being considered by the Committee. Our suppers and musters provide a great opportunity to meet current and prospective members along with Flag Officers and Committee Members in an informal environment. There are normally three 'on the water' events (musters) each year and two or three shore-based events. The Club would be delighted to invite you and your crew or partner as guests and the Flag Officers and Committee Members will make you very welcome. Please contact the Secretary for information and dates for planned events.
Some musters are followed by an optional cruise in company. The Spring Muster in May is usually followed by a mini-cruise in local waters and on alternate years the Summer Muster at the end of June is followed by the Club’s cruise in company covering the waters of the West Coast of Scotland and Ireland The mini-cruise is informal and open to all, whether or not attending the Spring Muster. As major cruises in company, with a number of Club events during the cruise, require careful planning then prior registration is essential. There is a charge for some of the events that take place during the cruise-in-company however these events are not mandatory.
The principal shore-based events are the Laying Up and Fitting Out Suppers which take place in Oban in October and March respectively. The suppers, which are well attended (and often sold out), must be booked in advance. A three-course meal is included in the ticket price (£32 in 2017) with members and guests buying their own drinks. The evening is rounded off with a talk on a sailing-related topic and usually finishes about 10:30pm.
The application form has to be signed by a proposer and a seconder; both have to have been members of the RHYC for at least two years and not from the same family. Attending an event is a good place to meet potential proposers and seconders should you not know anyone who is currently a member of the Club (Flag Officers and Committee Members will help with this). It normally takes around three weeks for the Committee to consider an application.
If you think that you may, at some point in the future, want to apply for a Permit to Fly a Blue Ensign on your yacht, we would like to draw your attention to one of the conditions for such a permit; all registered owners of a yacht must be a member of the RHYC before a permit can be issued. There are other conditions which apply – these can be obtained via the Club’s website or by contacting the Secretary. The Club encourages the wearing of Blue Ensigns on members’ yachts in exercise of this cherished privilege.
Like any other organisation, the Club is run by a management committee with a Commodore at its head rather than the more conventional President or Chairman. The Commodore is the Principal Flag Officer and afloat will fly the Club burgee with a swallowtail. Ordinary members may fly a triangular burgee, which is a saltire with a crown in the centre, as shown at the masthead of these web pages.